What are Be Love Communities? 

Be Love communities are the main way we practice one of the ways of Jesus, we call community. 

We see The Acts church as the main blueprint we are designed to follow as The Church.

Communities exist to give our family the opportunity to meet and grow in the practice of the Acts Church model which was in community and around a table.

What happens at Be Love Communities?

As a Kingdom Family, we take time every week to eat together, pray together, and share life together. It is in this ordinary rhythm of life in community that we become transformed to look like Jesus. Be believe this practice of community pushes us closer to hearing the spirit and opens up the path ways of love, confession, friendship, and accountability.

Are you interested in joining a community? 

Click here to register and we will be in contact with you shortly about next steps. 

Do you have a student between 13-18? Click here for our student communities

***Emotional Health is one of our core values at Be Love Company, so we try to have all non-Sunday events take place on Wednesday nights. With this in mind, our Communities do not meet on Wednesdays. And in order to protect people's weekends, we also ask Communities to not meet on Fridays or Saturdays.***